Everyone Loves a Conspiracy

conspirators This was for Smithsonian. John Wilkes Booth did not act alone. In fact, the question about the Lincoln assassination was the same one every political thriller seemed to contain (before Hollywood decided it would be good to replace lean, fun genre films and B movies with lumbering, CGI-heavy wannabe blockbusters): "How high and how deep does this thing go?!"  Top Confederate military brass were not accused  -- despite some conspiracy-theorizing suspicion -- but the people  pictured here were, and most of them hung.

I did this for a Smithsonian special newsstand-only "bookazine" publication. Thanks, amazing art director Erik Washam!

BTW, that's Booth's "real" gun in the center -- because with a historically-oriented client like The Smithsonian, one wants things as realistic as possible.  And those are the actually the footprints those sloppy, sloppy, bad conspirators left behind as they positioned themselves for my photo.