polly_pussycatMy nurturing and beloved third grade teacher, Jan Holczer, recently mailed me this drawing I gave her more than 40 years ago. She remembers me telling her "The color is a concession to you."  I do still love black and white so much that  color often seems just unnecessary and distracting -- though in this case the texture/tint in the background is probably the best part. I also notice I'm already as an 8 year old organizing compositions into a single silhouetted figure within which is texture, a formula both my assemblages and pen and ink drawings generally still adhere to. "Give me the child at seven and I'll give you the man," is that how the saying goes? art_class 1art_class

This Art Rogers photo, also taken in 1974, was reprinted a couple of months ago  in The Point Reyes Light.  My first life-drawing class looks to have been a nice mellow one (That's Marin county for ya).